Fireplace Mitter edge at the shop vs onsite for porcelian

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We have a 3 sided 5.5 ft gas fireplace and we are created a boxed hearth on three sides to sit on etc. We picked a 1/4" porcelian slab that is 127" x 64".

The hearth (box) is 10'1" long and 30" deep and the height of the watterfall on the three sides is about 18"

I was asking for a no seam box - he says that, that will be heavy and brittle to transport so they have to miter the 3 watterfall sides on-site and not in the shop.

He suggests a seam so they can mitter the waterfall at the shop and just glue the seam on site which will be on the top and front waterfall.

The fabricator says that a mittered edge finished at the shop will look better than one finished onsite.

Not sure how bad a mittered edge will be if done on site vs at the shop.

So do I seam or no seam and have him miter on-site?


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    Joseph Corlett, LLC
    last month

    I'd build the entire thing with bonded Wedi underlayment in the shop. It will easily survive transport.

    Buy Roberto Colonatti's fabrication manual and do exactly as he says please.

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    I will have to tell my fabriocator that!!