Cabinet installation filler question

Iammcfly Ann
2 months ago

We are getting ready to install cabinets. We have a 24x90 tall pantry that will be next to a wall. With a 30x36 upper wall next to that and base below that. We have 3inch 96 length filler that was provided. We plan to rip that down to 1.5. So my question is we attach the filler to pantry then do we need to attach the filler to wall ? Then we could use the other half of the Filler to attach to the 30 upper do we then just Screw the upper and pantry face frames together or do we also screw through the face frame and filler to the frame of the pantry ?

we have grk cabinet screws 2 1/2 for the wall studs and 1 1/4 for face frames.

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