Color for open concept and hallways

Mina González
2 months ago

Desperate and in need of help!!!

I love Light French Gray and Repose Gray and I am finding myself in a dilemma! My trim is Shoji White (it’s like that all over the house, we bought it like that and it’s too much money to change it now), and I really wanted a white that served as neutral color in my open floor plan. So we ended painting shoji in our hallways. The idea was to paint all the living areas shoji, but I am loving these 2 gray paint colors so much!!!

The painter still needs to paint the living room/ kitchen ( both in south facing area). And I wonder if I: 1. should use either Repose Gray or LFG in these 2 areas, that connects with the hallway, or just go with Shoji also for the living/ kitchen area? If I go with Shoji, which color would look better as a accent wall? LFG or Repose?

Thanks for your help . Here are some messy pics.

the first one is the wall that I think should be the accent wall, if I end up doing Shoji for main color. the second is a Sample of LFG and Repose with the trim.

Disclaimer: the hallway its not painted yet, and the pic was taken during night time.

LFG is on top, Repose is at bottom

This pic is how the hallways are looking upstairs

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