Kids room paints

last month

Hi, I am in a situation where I am doing over thinking as to how should I paint my kids room.

After speaking with my kids I'm settled on two pink colors that we picked after testing on our walls
1: Benjamin Moore Fondant AF-255
2: Benjamin Moore Head over Heels AF-250

Our goal is to create a soft floral theme with decorations and bedding. This room is very cold and doesn't get much light during the day. So, idea is to bring some soft colors and warmth using accents.

I'm trying to paint one recessed area of her room in AF-250 which is darker color (making it like a separate place so creating visual boundaries) as we plan to create that space as the reading nook and will incorporate book shelves and lounger. However, I'm just nervous that how would it look.

Please advice if the painting in recessed area with large window is a good idea? or should I paint the largest wall as accent wall and incorporate all the memories as picture wall on it.


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