Tips of saving an adopted 50+ year old Jade Plant

Hello! Long time lurker, first time posting.
A friend of ours left us his grandmothers Jade. Unfortunately by the time it made it's way to us, it was already in pretty rough shape. I'm not a huge succulants person, but after a few youtube tutorials I figured I had to try and save this beauty. I decided to move it out of its huge pot and I to some just slightly bigger than its root ball. I trimmed off a few of the huge and terribly wilted arms, two of which I hope to get new jaded out of. And I moved it into soul that is heavy with pearlite and well draining/drying. I have not watered it since I transplanted it - should I? I heard it's better to wait a few days. I also decided to try stringing it up - as you can see from the pictures it's very leggy due to lack of sun. My hope is that it will redirect its new growth upwards. Luckily we have an atrium with windows on all sides, but its winter in northern Canada. The temperature in our atrium stays around 22-28 C. Is there anything else I can do to try and save this beautiful momma? I know I could slice off a few arms and try rerouting them, but they're so thick I worry they wouldn't take. Maybe that's just me. Let me know what your best tips are! I've got pictures of before I transplanted and after, including the stinging up a d minor pruning.
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