Appliance configuration help, please

4 months ago

Not sure if this photo will help, but willing to try. I’d like to do a 48” built-in fridge (the plan currently only shows a 36”). We must do an induction cooktop, or range, and it must be at least 36” — this kitchen area is huge and I think 30” will get dwarfed (esp if on the same wall as a 48” fridge!). I’m having trouble with ovens. I really want two ovens.

Originally I planned to do the 48” Aga induction range but I’m choking a bit on the cost, the relatively unknown brand in the US, and availability of knowledgeable service reps near me. Not to mention I’d be buying it aight unseen since they are not in any showrooms!

So I’m trying to determine other options. So far I’ve come up with

a) downsizing to a 36” fridge to make room for 30” double wall ovens and doing a 36” cooktop.

B) keeping the 48” fridge and doing a 36” induction range with one oven (sacrifice one oven for extra fridge space) — although these options are also limited, or $$$$$, or from equally as elusive brands.

C) keeping the 48” fridge, doing the 36” cooktop, and putting ovens in the island. Has anyone actually done this?

That wall is 15’ 7” (to the countertop on the adjoining wall), and the wall with the kitchen sink has no uppers — all windows to capture the view.

What am I not thinking of?!? Please help! 🤗

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