Smart way to hide HVAC duct in closet

Jordan Atlas
last month

We are doing some remodeling work in our bedrooms, and having a hard time figuring out what to do with the closet in one of the rooms.

- The closet in this bedroom has an unusual ductwork going through it. I think this is carrying air from the furnace/HVAC. There is a metal box on the floor, as well as a 12 inch pipe going from the box to the ceiling. See "HVAC" picture below to see what I mean. The metal box occupies about 40% of the width of the closet -- it's a real pain.

- We are considering a new closet design where we remove the closet doors and have an "open reach in" closet. This will make the HVAC, which was previously not visible when the closet was closed, very visible.

- California Closets has proposed building an enclosure of panels around the pipe and box. See "Snapshot of proposal" picture below. The rest of their proposal accommodates the HVAC pretty well -- there's a shelf and a long-hang section above the box. So the functionality is great for the space. The concern here is solely about the aesthetics of hiding that ductwork.

My main questions are:

- Are we overlooking a better way to address this HVAC eyesore? E.g. painting? A curtain? Something else?

- Do you think the enclosure solution will work out well? Or will we end up regretting this route?

This question is quite similar to this previous post: Block off AC duct in closet (houzz.com). The key difference is that they didn't have that metal box at the bottom of the closet.

Thanks for your thoughts!


Wide angle of closet:

Snapshot of proposal:

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