Explain to me how panels on panel ready dishwasher doors are attached

last month

I don't quite understand how these are attached or how the sides of the panels are finished. Is there a groove all around so that the panel fits in like a picture frame and all raw edges are concealed by this? Or, is it basically just like a cabinet door that is finished on all sides and then attached with some concealed screws?

My plan is to use IKEA fronts that are not solid wood (either Askersund or Bodarp) but are made of particle board wrapped in either plastic foil or melamine foil. So, this is not like a piece of wood that can be easily trimmed down.

I have found a really good deal on a panel ready Asko dishwasher and will need to put an IKEA panel on the front. When I downloaded the info, the Asko assembly pictures for the dishwasher panel calls for a panel 23 7/8" wide by 27.5 to 31.5" tall (I don't understand why there is a size 4" range here).


Will I be able to make this work just using a standard door front of some type from IKEA? Or, do dimensions like this truly mean one has to have custom cabinetry in order to make an application like this work?

I read through this entire thread but am still confused.



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