Frameless shower door with cultured marble walls

Gregory Wilbur
2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

I have cultured marble walls and a fiberglass pan.

The builder installed his standard framed hinge shower door.

I want to replace it with a frameless slider door.

My concern is that I see comments here that after installing a frameless shower door on cultured marble people have seen their cultured marble enclosure separate from the wall. But the example I see are frameless hinged doors.

Could I have a similar problem (panel / wall separation) installing a slider door. I don't think I would because the slider door has a header that would keep the opposing panels the same distance apart and should not impose any torque on the panels the way a hinged door would (where the glass weight is cantilevered from the hinge.)

Do any professionals (or homeowners with a similar situation) have any opinion or advice to share?

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