Beds are so low! In a quandary.

2 months ago
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Still on the hunt for a new king size bed so that I can comfortably access the reading lamps that the po installed.(.They had a king-sized mattress, we have a queen. It's an awkward stretch). Our current bed is an Ethan Allen 4 poster bed from the early 90's. It's tall off the ground with a side clearance of 16". The mattress brings it to about 37". All that works because the lamps are installed at 48" from the floor (56" to knob) The problem is all the new beds are very low to the ground. Moving the lamps would be a pain due to plaster walls and we're not ready to paint yet, ie, dh kiboshed that idea. Does anyone have one of these newer low beds that they used a regular sized box spring and thick mattress for height?

Or to put it more simply, how high is your mattress?



heres a picture from the po listing. We have an almost identical bed, just a few inches lower.

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