staggered dragon tree: leaves falling off only the short one

Patricia Draut
2 months ago

Our new dragon tree was just delivered a couple weeks ago. It's gorgeous but sadly the leaves are pretty much all falling off the smaller tree. The branches are mushy and soft now too.
The taller tree is doing fine and looks healthy.
I don't believe I overwatered at least not initially since I checked for moisture in the soil. as it was not getting any better I read an advice online that this could be due to not enough water so I ran in under the tap and let it drain through. I'm afraid that made it worse.
Also there are tight roots, some sticking out at the top. the roots are not visible at the bottom of the pot. I'm concerned about repotting it anyway in this delicate state.
When it arrived it I added a generic fertilizer stick for foliage plants. even though it's winter time we keep the temp inside pretty warm so I thought it would help.
It doesn't have much natural light due to the short period of sunlight and angle of the sun not reaching near the window. I ordered grow lights to help, since I added more plants but in the meantime it's mainly regular artificial light.
Would greatly appreciate your advice and experience for how I could help the little guy recover.

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