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We have taken to using candles at the dinner table. Dining out less, we have less purloined matches. The other day, I had to use a hot pink birthday cake candle, and light it on my LaCanche in order to light a dinner table candle. Then I had to clean up the hot pink wax.

I am not good at lighting matches, and I don't know how use those wand things. They always click and nothing happens. Plus, ugly.

I recalled that I have seen "pretty matches" but never had occasion to buy them. In my quest, I found three things that sparked joy.

1. A striker! French no less. The antique ones are $$$ but you can get similar repro.s (pic 1 and 2)for $24.99

Best price is here:

And i you don't mind seconds, they are only 12.99. I bought a "second" hoping it looks antique. : )

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