Help for a “Lost” Long- Time Forum Member

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last month
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  • below is from a conversation on the other side. I’m not sure how to best direct her.

It’s from

‘How long have you been on this site?‘ “ a 10 year old newly revived Posting.

  • Forgive the odd fonts.
  • cooperbailey
    7 hours agoToo bad the site was sold to Houzz. Otherwise I would still be on here. Miss it.Like | 1
  • martinca_gw sunset zone 24
    5 hours agoAw, CooperBailey...named for your two goldens, if I recall correctly. I have wondered about You over the years. I’m mostly on the conversation side. Why don’t you come over?formerlyLeah CateLike | 2
  • cooperbailey
    3 hours agolast modified: 3 hours agoI don’t even know where that is. Would love to reconnect I just notifications from houzz now and again what is the link please!

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