Unidentified Tropical Birch-like Tree in Background of TV Show

Agathis Adeamus
last month

Not really a gardening related question as such ( more like botanical curiosity ). So I've been watching this live-action TV series adaptation of Tarzan from the early 90s which has Wolf Larson portraying Tarzan and the French actress Lydie Denier portraying Jane Porter, and I couldn't help noticing the fairly tall trees with silvery white bark in the background of the shots of Jane's compound in the jungle. For some reason, they only seem to be there in season 1. The show was filmed in a jungle (presumably in Mexico), so we can definitely eliminate Quaking Aspens as a possibility. What exactly are they? I would almost like to say that they are some sort of Eucalyptid like the Ghost Gum, but I can't be sure. Is there anyone who can visually identify this species?

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