Need help with color decisions for my 1945 home exterior remodel

Lady North
6 days ago

Hi! This is my new home, built in 1945, with some obvious (dated) updates. Currently we are tuckpointing to fix'er up. I plan to limewash (both brick and stone), replace the siding with board and batten, likely to ditch all shutters, replacing the bay window top with a copper topper. Accents will be brown. I'm struggling with the color of the window frames (I didn't want to change them, but afraid they're too pale) and the color of the roof (stays the same). Will doing the stone and brick in same color be too much beige? Do I need to paint the windows? (it's just aluminum flashing). Working with a limited budget, but also - want to make the right choices. Any ideas, tips or photo editing you could offer would be so helpful. Sometimes you're just too close to a project to see the obvious!

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