Looking for range hood ideas for an interior wall?

Angie Masters_Amos
3 months ago

I have a range on an interior wall with vaulted ceilings. The closest exterior wall is to the garage. Can ranges be vented down through the floor and then out? I've thought of a microwave but the home was built with a larger range leaving a 42" cutout in the upper cabinets. My current range is the standard size so I'd have a large gap on one side of the microwave or it wouldn't be centered over my range. I'm thinking I may have to go with a ductless hood but if it can be vented down I'd prefer ducting it. going up into the ceiling isn't an option as I don't think I'd like the look of the ducting running up the wall. The only downdraft hoods I could find were placed in islands. Any suggestions?

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