How small is too small projection for cabinet pulls?

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My cabinet pulls have a 1" projection. My cabinets drawers have a recessed panel that's recessed by about 1/4". So when I install the pulls there's only 1/2" between the face of the stile and the inside edge of the pull (i.e., 1/2" for my fingers to fit). I installed the first one and my fingers can open it, but the back of my hand hits the stile and it just feels too close. I'm worried it will bug us forever if we don't switch pulls. But I could be overthinking just because it's different than I've had before.

Looking online at other options, most projections tend to be 1"-1 1/4". Would another 1/4" really make a difference? What is the "comfortable" projection for fingers and knuckles?

Will these be ok and we'll just get used to them? On the taller drawers I don't think it'll be an issue because the inset panel is bigger, so the back of my hand won't hit the stile.

OK/we'll adjust? Or "switch pulls before you regret it?"

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