11th hour - Need help with solutions to correct my rookie mistake!

last month

Yes, I did this myself and made a mistake. Please you help me with solutions! Contractors already did the demo and framing. coming in Monday to do the floors and the electrician is coming in.

When I looked at it today I realized I hadn't considered the corner walkway by the fridge. Right now I have a full sized Cafe fridge in the garage. It is 36" deep and requires 2" behind it.

I have two corners to think about. I was so focused on making sure there was 36" to walk in the doorway (with that wall jutting out where it says "cased doorway) that I didn't notice the walkway by the fridge. I only thought about the doors opening etc.

I can get a counter depth fridge, but I think it is still too narrow. I can also make the island smaller, but I was really hoping to have seating in my kitchen. (it is supposed to be an extended island)

Creative solutions? My husband suggests we just lob off the corners of the island, but I feel like then it just looks like the after thought it is. I already have the cabinets and don't want to go through. Original plans were to have a 34" in island but I had changed the plan to 32, now I fear it may have to go to 30 or 26.

Funny thing is, I did have a kitchen designer (yes, a paid one) but I couldn't afford 40k for cabinets. Her plan was basically

the same except she had the island larger -it went all the way to the dining room. I didn't want traffic flow issues in front of the fridge so I shortened the island. Go figure.

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