Kitchen Remodel - Help! Tile color advice


We are remodeling our kitchen and I'm struggling with putting everything together. We have chosen Honey Spice maple cabinets from Kraftmaid (Knollwood raised panel door) and persa avorio granite. I am stuck on picking a tile that works. We would like to use wood-look porcelain tile because we have dogs and kids. The tile will go into the newly renovated kitchen as well as a sun room which is in the back of the house. Both rooms are connected and the sun room has red walls that I plan (or hope!) to keep. The kitchen area would not necessarily need to be red.

Please see the attached photos and let me know your thoughts! I have included numerous photos of the granite. You'll also see what I think are the final two contenders leaning up against the granite along with the chosen backsplash and stained wood sample. You'll also see wood planks on the floor in front of the granite. The ones closest to you are the ones pictured in my house with the wood and backsplash on top. There are also three addition tiles in a row. Those are some others I brought home but am unsure about. Finally there is a picture of the red room.

Thanks in advance!


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