Cast iron bathtub recommendation - or maybe acrylic?

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Hi there,

I'd love any suggestions you have.

For our remodel, I had picked out the Kohler Maestro cast iron bathtub - 66"x32" with 13" water depth . I'd been using it and loving it in a rented house. But it's been discontinued I went searching for a comparable tub.

I found the Toto FBY1700P#01 - (same size and also cast iron) but now I discover that it's also discontinued.

Apparently, one cast iron option is the Kohler Reve - but I'm a little skeptical of a center drain.

The plumbing supply store is recommending acrylic alternatives. Has acrylic improved?

Anybody face similar decisions? What did you go with? Are you happy? What else would you suggest I consider?

Many thanks in advance for suggestions.

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