Advice Wanted Re: Removing Tree in Front of House

Hi - new member to the forum here. I've been intending to remove a medium size evergreen tree in the front center of my home. The reason is that it covers up and hides a large portion of the front elevation and makes the house look smaller IMO. See pics below. I added close ups of the space to the left and right of this tree. The shrub to the right is some sort of thorny crimson leafed bush which is attractive in the summer months but I'm not wed to keeping it.

I'm in planting zone 7a and the soil has a high clay content (not sure about acidity or other chemistry).

I have two questions I'd appreciate any suggestions for:

  1. Do you agree the tree should come out?
  2. What type of bush(es) or small tree would look good in this space once the tree is removed? I'm willing to spend a couple grand if necessary including the removal and preparation of the soil like installing a border and mulch bed.

Thanks in advance!!

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