Ideas for entrance den/office?

Stephen D
4 months ago

So want to turn the existing space that is currently a play room (and since it's right where folks walk into the house and has french doors...a mess!) into an office/den for work. But for some reason am at a loss as to a design!

The room has 10' coffered ceilings a large ~7' window that faces West so gets a ton of sun in the afternoon.

Room is ~13' long by 10 5" wide in the "main rectangular area", and has a 7' 7" by 2' cutout where the window is.

From the East wall to the edge of the door there is about 19" of wall there.

Would like to have a desk in the space, along with built-in's of some sort. Needs to hold a printer and a desktop server/PC, along with some filing space. As open concept as possible knowing that wires/etc would ideally be as hidden as possible.

Any thoughts as to where I can look for inspirational photos? Attached is a Sketchup I did of the room (has dark wood floors).

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