Hepatica aka Anemone americana (Round-lobe: anyone growing this plant?

Sue Hughes Zone 6b in Pittsburgh
17 days ago
last modified: 17 days ago

Please share with me- your personal experience with growing this plant native to North Eastern USA.

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  • Jay 6a Chicago
    12 days ago

    I planted a few some years ago and they disappeared after a couple seasons. I'm thinking maybe the soil didn't have enough organic matter, which they prefer. I think I have only 1 plant now that's a year or 2 old. They are beautiful and definitely worth trying to grow.

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  • nekobus
    12 days ago

    I’ve had a similar experience to Jay. They’re one of few early native bloomers, but they seem to have gotten crowded out by their neighbors in my garden. I only had one or two bloom last year, out of about eight I planted over the previous couple seasons.

    I’ve had better luck with Anemonella thalictroides (now Thalictrum I think), which is a little later but more vigorous for me. It’s about the same height, also available in shades of white or pink. Sanguinaria does better for me, too, in fuller sun than the Anemonellas seem to like, and that’s a showstopper for the 2 days it’s in bloom.

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  • Jay 6a Chicago
    9 days ago

    I have better luck with Anemonella too.

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  • Sue Hughes Zone 6b in Pittsburgh
    Original Author
    9 days ago

    Just looked up Anemonella and it is gorgeous. I have already ordered the that's that...I will keep the advice shared here by you guys in mind when attempting to grow them...if they don't take I'm very intrigued by the Anemonella...two days huh...looks worth it!

    I included the photo I found on Fine Gardening website.

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