Three ovens and still can’t make toast?

3 months ago

I’ve posted before. I am redoing my kitchen and was planning (1) a 36” induction cooktop with a wall oven installed underneath because I am challenged for wall space and (2) a Miele speed oven In the island. The wall oven would be low, but I know that. This would give me two ovens, whereas now, I have only my Bosch induction range and a countertop Breville smart oven. I want to avoid having anything on the counter in the new kitchen except my Vitamix and maybe some cooking utensils But I do need a toaster.

I really like the idea of a convection steam oven, but alas, I couldn’t find the space. Well, now I have found the space, so my current thought it a combination CO/CSO—probably Bosch I would probably still do the speed oven in the island because I don’t like drawer microwaves, have no place to put a cheap microwave out of sight (in the pantry now, but I don’t want that anymore) and I refuse to pay for an expensive built-in microwave that doesn’t do anything else.

So, that would be three ovens, which is certainly overkill, but I guess the speed oven is the price to pay for having a built-in microwave that I actually like and does more than just microwave. We have a Miele speed oven in my NYC home (where we are not living now) and we use it for most of our oven needs.

So can I make toast in any of these ovens? If I were living in the city now, I could test it out with the speed oven, but I can’t. I really want to clear the counters and don’t want to keep a toaster in a drawer.

I have seen posts on toasting in ovens a while back but I thought I would ask again.

Also, if I am missing anything and there is another setup that might be better, I am all ears.

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