The World's Most Unusable Bathroom: Vol. 2

J. Link
last month

Hi All,

You were all so helpful in getting us to this point in our layout journey. We are still between 2 options: basically one with a door to the bedroom and one without. As a reminder and for newcomers, here is the existing bathroom- no shower, no storage.

Here are the two plans we are between. Many of you had expressed a disdain for a shared doorway into the master bedroom, but I'm wondering why exactly that is. Our home is very strange in that the larger bedroom (with larger closet) is right off of the front door and living room, so in no way is this bedroom ever "private." We were thinking that the connection between a bedroom and a bathroom would be a halfway "fix" to this odd layout, by at least creating an official master, so the functionality of these rooms is improved. As far as (our rare instance of) overnight guests go, it would be a little bit of an inconvenience to close two doors before using this bathroom, but is that more of an unideal situation than having to walk outside the bedroom, into the hallway, past the dining room and back into the bathroom to get to the shower? There is a greater chance of a run-in doing that.

All of this would, however, come at the cost of storage and a larger vanity in the actual bathroom. A 60" vanity JUST BARELY fits, which means we're looking at custom if we don't want it to look squished, and there just aren't many out of the box options for 56" vanities. I'm also afraid that it will appear undersized in the bathroom itself. The larger vanity will provide more storage and more counterspace, and perhaps look more in scale to the bathroom, BUT then there is no layout improvement to the direct entrance to the bedroom.

Please give me your harshest thoughts with these. This bathroom is going to be a major renovation for us, and alot of money, and I don't want to get it wrong!!

Here is the bedroom that this door will open from, very much "on display" To your left in the tiled area, is the front door.

Sorry about the chair with the clothes on it.. everyone has one of those, right?


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