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Designing ikea kitchen - questions on layout, backsplash, colors

Samantha M
last year

We’re remodeling our kitchen and plan to use Ikea Axstad cabinets and Quartz countertops. Reading through some of the threads here has been extremely helpful so I thought I’d try to get some feedback about a few things.

  1. With current plan, where would you run the backsplash? On the wall with the range, we were thinking maybe to the top open shelf? We weren’t sure what to do at the end of the sink. We had been thinking of extending the floating shelf beyond the run of base cabinets because we thought it looks too narrow as is. But that might cause problems with where to end the backsplash? Another possibility might be to extend that end base cabinet from 24” to 30” and align the floating shelves with it. The kitchen designer wanted us to have more space for the pantry pull out, but I’m not sure we truly need it (There’s a wall there right now and we’ve never been bothered by it getting in the way of the existing pantry cabinet).
  2. We’re thinking of changing the 30 inch base cabinet to the left of the range to a 36” - it’s going to be open up to our dining room, so 36” would make a difference in terms of being able to better accommodate two stools on the other side of the peninsula. Moving to a 36” base cabinet would mean that the opening between the two runs of cabinets would be about 36” instead of 39.5” - how much of a problem would this be? I should mention that all of the doorways to the kitchen are only 29,” so we’re already used to having tight openings.
  3. Any opinions on using Axstad blue vs. white? I was originally leaning away from blue because it's a small space, but I'm wondering if it could work with this design since it's not too heavy on upper cabinets and there will be a decent amount of white wall space to balance it.

Open to other feedback - thanks!

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