Crown (tooth) and massive fear

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Typical story — bit down on something hard a couple of weeks ago and an old filling, with half my tooth attached, came out. Back molar. Roots not affected.

I’ve never had any major dental work done, and my dentist I love retired, so I’m at a new office.

Well, all of a sudden, I have a fear of everything dental related. I mean, like major anxiety attacks.

A bit of backstory: I have suffered with dysphagia since I was in my 20s, and it’s getting worse through the years. I have come close to losing consciousness during an attack, I can even choke on my own saliva. So! That’s my fear: the crown will come out in my sleep and I’ll choke to death. I got the temporary crown a week ago, I hate how it feels (like a Lego in my mouth) .... my fear was so strong last night, I slept sitting up. I’m afraid to lie down. I’m losing weight because I’m afraid to eat. I’ve just been sipping soup. I constantly probe the Lego tooth with my now-raw tongue. I just hate it! I told them my fears during the procedure last week after having to sit up a couple of times from gagging on the water spray.

Now I’m afraid to get the permanent crown. It’s not a root canal situation, they ground down my tooth, but I almost wish I’d just had it pulled. I’m due to get the permanent crown in two weeks.

Has anyone been afraid of crowns? Have you had one come out? I never realized how much one tooth could affect your life — and I know one is nothing compared to way worse. But the fear of choking is a reality in my situation and I don’t know how I’ll ever be able to sleep again.

If I decide not to, I’ll be out a lot of money, a very expensive change of mind, but I’m just so terrified. I wish they’d discussed things more in depth with me like my former dentist would do. I felt very rushed to proceed, but now the second thoughts are creeping in.

Thank you for reading this long tale! Crowns are so common, but I feel very alone in how scared I am of them.

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