Home Depot quartz vs. local shop

12 days ago


My husband and I are planning our kitchen and have decided on quartz countertops. We started out by going to Home Depot and really like the Caeserstone Empira White countertops. They are around $88 per SF but are regularly on sale for $78 or less. I got an estimate from them for around $4300 (when on sale) for 51 SF and an undermount sink, including templating and installation.

I read online that Home Depot contracts out their work to local companies and that you can usually get a better price from local shops. I contacted 2 local shops asking if they had the Empira White or anything similar. They both told me that Ceasarstone would be extremely expensive but showed me a couple that were similar and more reasonably priced. We liked them, but not as much as the Empira. Both quotes came in at around $5600.

Based on these comparisons alone, it would seem logical to get the one we like the best for the cheapest price through Home Depot. I do prefer to support local shops, but that is a pretty large price difference for a product we don't like as much. Our entire renovation is costing about $18,000, so this is comparatively a large expense.

Another downside of going through HD is that they don't guarantee that you can see the slab ahead of time. It does sound like they would try to accommodate if you really wanted to see it. The local companies let you see the slab beforehand and just generally be more involved in the process it seems. Does anyone have any advice or experience with Home Depot countertops? Thank you!

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