LED Recessed Lighting for low-voltage lines

12 days ago

I am looking for recessed LED ceiling lights for a new build. Searching online yields so many different options that it's making my head spin, but it's difficult to filter by what I'm looking for.

1) I want to run low voltage lines to all the fixtures (not standard Romex) so looking for fixtures without built-in transformers. (Probably one transformer per room or something like that.)

2) Ideally, I don't want integrated LED, but rather replaceable LED bulbs (so when it breaks I just need to replace bulb, not whole fixture). However, if fixture replacement cost is comparable to bulb cost and replacement is easy, then integrated might be ok.

3) I need them to be bright and dimmable. Don't need other fancy features like adjustable color temp (just need to be able to have some color temp options to chose from).

Has anyone found something like this?

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