My contractor switched my paint from regal to superhide & ultra spec

12 days ago

Okay, so after hours of research and deliberation I selected BM Classic Grey. We go to the paint store and pick up $600 worth of paint and trim. BM classic grey eggshell for the walls and oxford white semi gloss for the trim and oxford white flat for the ceiling. So I get the paint and my contractor is upset of why we got eggshell and regal and not super hide. I told him the paint store said Regal was better and eggshell is easier to clean. I guess he talked to my husband and went and got superhide tinted classic grey primer for the walls and then ultra spec flat in classic grey. I am guessing because it hides all the spackling better and is easier....

I am reading that superhide and ultra spec are for facilities and builder grade not what you would use on brand new tens of thousands of dollars kitchen and family room renos.

First does it make a difference or am I freaking out for nothing and most importantly will it change the color that I spent hours and hours researching?

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