How to strengthen a corn plant stalk that doesn't support the leaves

Jesse Phillips
9 days ago
last modified: 9 days ago

I have a corn plant (Dracaena fragrans) that I propagated from another, established plant. It thrived in my office for a few years but, during that time, it was leaned against a filling cabinet and it appears that, with the cabinet supporting it, the stalk did not develop the strength it needs to hold itself up on its own. It appears to have focused its growth upwards in the leaves.
In the interim, I moved it to my house and now it just flops over on its side if left on its own.
The stalk doesn't support the fairly lush leaves so I have had to support it by suspending it from above.
Of course, I would prefer that the plant support itself. Is there a way to encourage the stalk to strengthen itself?
I can't stake it because the pot is too shallow for a stake to support itself AND the plant.

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