Live, Love, Laugh!

12 days ago

Ok, not quite, but I did just fall for one of those mass-produced "cheesy" bits of signage that are considered anathema by so many in these forums. I saw it on a previous trip to Michael's and found myself just standing and looking at it with a feeling like recognition. Instantly it resonated with me. Maybe even touched something deep inside, which actually feels a bit creepy to even write. Today I went back and saw it again, and this time I brought it home. (Well, it was 40% off too, which incentivized the deal even more.)
The message on this sign is something that I so often think and DH and I often say to one another. This has become even more so during the pandemic when we seem to have formed a very deep connection with our own little nest. I honestly find it hard to even want to get in the car and drive away. Home has become pretty much everything to me. And while I don't need a sign to remind me, there's just something about this that feels affirming to me. So tonight I'll be deciding where to hang it. Probably in the kitchen area somewhere.
Live, love, laugh it isn't ... but it's one of those cheesy signs, and I guess I can see why people actually buy these things now. Who's to say what will speak deeply to someone else, right?

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