tone down cherry cabinets

We just moved into our new house.. I am wanting to paint my upstairs (kitchen/dining/living/hall/stairs) a light, airy color. Right now the walls are a creamy white with a big yellow undertone (I think it might be Dover?) I hate it- to me it looks too yellow, almost as if the walls are dirty or covered in smoke. It's just not my color. I'd love to do a light gray or aqua. My ideal house would have white or gray or even aqua cabinets and gray or aqua walls. The problem is my kitchen has dark cherry cabinets that (to me) feel bright red. This is also the color of all of the trim (but the doors are all white). I need to pick a color that is going to help tone down the bright red cherry, even if it isn't a color I love. (I really hate the cabinets & trim, but I am stuck with them. Painting or changing them will not be an option for a good 5-10 years) I was really leaning toward painting the upstairs Sea Salt, but that just makes the cabinets feel more red. I am tempted by Agreeable Gray or Repose Gray, but those don't seem to tone down the red either. What light & airy color could I use that will help tone down the red cabinets and help me get more of the beachy/farmhouse vibe I'd love? (I'm hoping to put the peel & stick wallpaper in the pictures on the island to help get rid of some of the wood, and the color pallette I'd really love my whole house to be if it weren't for these cabinets!)

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