Endura Corian & other hard surfaces

11 days ago

I am interested in getting one of the colors in the new Endura collection from Corian. I wrote to Dupont and got the name of 3 fabricators in my state, two of which are a 2 hour drive from me. I need a countertop that is at the very least 3cm. Endura comes as a 2 cm slab.

Fabricator #1 said the Endura line is extremely hard. Trying to give it a mitered edge will chatter or chip the line, and fixing it would be noticeable. He did not recommend me mitering the edges, and to keep it as a 2cm slab with a finished edge. Fabricator #2 said they have the tools to do the job right. That as long as the edge is a minimum of 2-1/2”, the mitering can be done, and the countertop built up with plywood. She pointed out that the countertops on the Endura.Corian page are both mitered, as you can tell by the wide thickness of the countertop side, which also displays the thinness of the slab on top of the sink.

I would think that the right tool would do the job correctly. After all, there are lots of extremely hard surfaces that get cut. The Endura itself has to be cut for the sink and the cooktop placement, so why not the mitered edge? At the same time, I am worried about setting myself up for frustration if Fabricator #1 is correct that the mitering work can not be done without problems.

I am hoping that there is someone out there who has Endura installed, or some other extremely hard surface such as Denton, and had it mitered. What were the results? Or are there fabricators who can give their opinion on whether having the right tool will give me the mitered edge I require. What would you do?

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