Narrow kitchen with tall walls. window placement?

Christian Arispe
11 days ago

We are working out the drawings on a new build and I’m trying to get some good ideas for the layout of the kitchen. I’m also looking for some ideas for window placement.
This build is a 1.5 story. The second floor rooms will look over the kitchen and living area. So that means from floor to ceiling it will be around 18 ft high.
Also the plans aren’t complete, so the placement of appliances on there aren’t all going to be correct. Plus I made some edits on phone.

I know an island/table would be nice, but how could I fit something like that? What’s the best way to organize appliances?

Windows/Walls: I think I know the style I’m going for but I don’t know how or where to place windows on these large walls. Wanting to really have a balanced feeling on the windows from kitchen to living room.

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