Appliance Supply chain ?

Lawrence Kutten
11 days ago

I am at a loss to understand what is going on with Supply chains as of February 2021.

I am looking at buying Bosch of Miele products.

Local high end speciality appliance store: everything takes a minimum of four to six weeks or more for delivery. A Miele washer has been on backorder for two months, etc. Tells me I am looking at May or later for a Bosch dishwashers.

Best Buy: I can basically have a Bosch Washer Dryer Model 800 or a Fisher and Paykel refrigerator delivered and installed within one week.

Appliance Factory and Mattress (does business in about six state): My local store has every Miele washer and dryer in stock (can cart away today) and a wide variety of the Miele dishwashers in stock. It has about half dozen different Bosch refrigerators in stock for immediate delivery,

What gives? Why the wide disparity?

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