Considering dying my own hair... your experience?

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Two reasons, I am retired now and 200.00 + (Canadian) for all over colour and a realtively simple cut and the fact that even though protocols are followed at my salon, it feel frivilouos to me these days. I just have my hair dyed close to what used to be my natural colour - reddish auburn. I only have a strand or two of gray, so covering that is not a huge issue at this point. I gave up highlights years ago for a couple of reasons - the huge time investment being one of them.

My daughter has suggested buying the dye from a beauty supply place rather than the drug store. Since I seldom go anywhere other than on dog walks or the grocery store, if I choose the wrong colour the first time or two, I won't be devastated. Just curious if you have recently dyed your hair yourself, are you happy with it or was it the worst decision that you've ever made?

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