Need help with 9 x 12 offfice space plan

3 months ago

I have a 9 x 12 room, which was called a den when we purchased our home. No closet, just double doors that we enter through, and a 58 inch square window to the right, which looks out onto the front porch and door. We recently layed enginneered hardwood down, and replaced solid door with french doors. The doors are situated towards the right hand side, leaving a space to the left side for an armoir, which is full of office and art supplies. I want this room to be an office space and reading area. I would like to have something that I can store some files; no more than two file drawers. I love the idea of a chandelier over a desk, but can't seem to figure out if I should have an L shaped desk in the left corner, or a built in desk across the back wall. Any suggestions?

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