Salinas White granit, white cabinets with backsplash

Marianne Carney
last month
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My Salinas White countertops have been installed, my walls painted SW Repose Gray (although it's a little lighter than the paint swatch), my cabinets are white and now it's time for the backsplash to complete the kitchen.

I've narrowed the choices down to these 3:

Boutique crafted glossy gray subway 3x12

Boutique crafted glossy white subway3x12

Boutique gray smaller tiles in 3D

The subway tiles would be installed in a 1/3 offset pattern and the grout will match the tiles and be either Mapei Silver or White.

I love just a bright kitchen and mine does not get much natural light ... we've installed 4k LED recessed lights, so that's as good as it's going to get now ... definitely want to show off my new granite.

I'm driving myself and my boyfriend crazy --- hitting Lowe's up every other day and bringing home various tiles - but these are the contenders and now just need to rip the band aid and make a decision.

Due to taking care of my 93 year old father and my boyfriend having time with his son, we are on a limited timeline ... this weekend is it.

Opinions and advise please ---- thank you sooo much!

The main part where BS will go (apx 23sf) - lighting shows the tiles darker

Side view, better lighting picture

Close-up of granite

BS will go on back wall where granite is and in back of range (not the side wall)

Here are the other 3 that I've been collecting and putting to the side ... the one on the left I thought was too brown ... I thought the others didn't have enough 'contrast' and too close to wall color and repainting is not an option at the moment

brownish one

between brown and light

lightest (but not white) - very close to wall color - repainting is not an option at the moment

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