Vanity counter and flooring to go with talavera sink

Hi all. We purchased this sink almost 20 years ago and it's been sitting in our basement, waiting for us to re-do our main bathroom. And now is the time! The bathroom is pretty much a blank slate at this poing and I'd love to know your recommendations for vanity counter top and flooring.

Vanity counter - I would like to stay away from tile on the counter. I'm torn between a white counter to make the sink really pop and wood (but not sure how practical that is - thoughts?). We have no storage in our house so the vanity will have cupboards/drawers.

The flooring is currently very well worn pine plank with large gaps between (the house is 150 years old) and we are not sure yet on whether it can be kept (it has already been sanded many times). If we went tile flooring, what kind of pattern could we go for that wouldn't clash with the sink?

I'd say I'm looking for ideas on the timeless/rustic/farmhouse side of things rather than formal or modern.

Looking forward to reading your ideas. Thank you!

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