Convert traditional formal living room to updated home office

last month

Hi, so I took down some very nice but very gold wallpaper in this room to brighten it up. Only have 1 north facing window so not too much bright light. I painted the walls with Sherwin Wms Sea Salt but it’s more blue/green and I’m debating if I should use a diff color or paint the wall of built ins/fireplace mantel. I have Mindful Gray with white cabinets in the other rooms which I love as it brings out the gray more. I’m not liking all the brown on this wall of built ins..too contrasting with the wall color for my taste but I don’t want a “farmhouse” style. I like the classic but not too traditional style...I plan to replace the rug too. I’m trying to slowly get rid of the gold/yellow tones in the house without busting my budget.

My question is about paint color: Should I just do what I did in the other room and paint all the brown shelving the color of the trim? How do I incorporate the wood paneled ceiling above? Should I leave it all brown or paint? I’m trying to make Sea Salt work for me, but not sure if I should just paint the built ins all white like the trim, or go grey?

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