New Quay/ Ironbridge/ Crowndale Quartz w/ White Cabinets & Copper Hood

Kelly Johnson
3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

We are renovating a small, somewhat dark kitchen. Currently, we have dark green granite counters and white cabinets. Because the kitchen is small with very little natural light, I want to lighten up the countertops. One excellent feature in current kitchen is a high end copper vent hood, which we will keep. The former owners ran the granite up behind the Copper hood to make a feature wall and I like the idea of using the countertop material as backsplash as well. We are also moving some things around to open up the space and upgrading all the appliances. If it helps for style and feel, we live in Historic Old Town Alexandria.

My questions is which quartz would look best as counter/ backsplash with the copper hood and Shaker style white cabinets? I really like New Quay, Crowndale and Ironbridge by Cambria. Worried New Quay and Crowndale may be too busy, but Ironbridge may be too blah/ white/ boring. Because the white cabinets cover most of the walls, I need the color from the countertops/ backsplash.

Would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions. Or if you can think of other quartz that might give me the desired impact. I've included a photo of the current kitchen.

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