Duplex Built in 1900. What kind of heating/cooling to choose?

Travis Metz
last month

Hello all, brand new user here.

I just purchased my first rental home. It’s a duplex with a top and bottom unit.

There is no forced air system in the home. There are the remnants of an old coal heater in the basement and some now-closed-off chimneys in the rooms above. I’m in West Virginia and temperatures range from single digit lows to 100° highs over the year.

Both units of the duplex have an upright gas-powered space heater, as well as one electric floorboard heating unit per floor that hardly puts out any heat.

I am exploring options for heating/cooling systems. Also, I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing so treat me like an idiot, because for now that’s what I am.

Ductless mini-split seems like a good option. But maybe have a traditional forced air system installed? Or other options might be better? Please, all advice is welcome. I want to get this place up and running ASAP.

Thank you.

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