Strange spots appearing on my prickly pear

Jillian Putney
4 months ago

I brought my prickly pear in over the winter and it was doing fine but over the past month I noticed it started developing these spots that were black and bulging. Then a couple weeks later they became depressed, lightened in color, and turned white around the edges. At first it was only on the upper pad but now I'm also noticing them on the lower pad some similar spots as well as some that appear to just be white. Anyone able to help identify the issue?

Some background: I've only watered it twice since bringing it in (and I made sure if was fully dried our before watering the second time), the pot has proper drainage and the soil dries out pretty quickly, it doesn't get a ton of direct sunlight but it gets a lot of bright indirect light from a western-facing window.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated so that I can hopefully figure out a remedy!

Pics by date: Feb 6, Feb 18, Mar 6 (last 3 pics)

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