What Size George Nelson Saucer Pendant Lamp for Office?

Steve Sperry
3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

Hello all,

I have an office that is 13' x 10'6" with 9' ceilings. I'm trying to ascertain what size Nelson light to buy, small or large. The light will be centered in the room, not over anything. There are also 4 can lights around the corners so this light isn't expected to light the room by itself.

small: 7" h | 17.5" dia | cord: 10' feet
medium: 10" h | 25" dia | cord: 10' feet

The designer at DWR said to choose Medium. He said most people choose lights that are too small for their room. But 25" seems wide for such a small office. Thoughts?

Midcentury Dining Room · More Info

Here is a photo of the light I found on Houzz (it's not my office)

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