Need design help in Rural Wyoming!

Astrid Peck
2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

After discovering a water leak that caused major damage to our tiny home, we decided to add a small addition as long as we were in construction mode. I need design help! This is our living room. It is approximately 13 1/2 ft wide and 15 ft long (to where it meets the kitchen counter. Looking toward window, a small pantry is on the right that will have a sliding barn door. The opening beyond that goes to a small entry way/mud room. The only place I think we will have room for a tv is on the left wall between windows. Can anyone help on suggestions for furniture placement once construction is complete? I would love a comfy sectional and my husband is determined to have a recliner. Any ideas are welcome and so appreciated!

Similar light will replace the old track light above sink.

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