problem about seeds of (rose scented)geranium graveolens?

Cute Pofi
7 months ago

Where are the seeds of this geranium graveolens?
Hello, geranium graveolens is my one of the favorite flower due to their strong lemon-rose fragnance and disease resistance. They are very easy to grow and they are repeat bloomer. Their leaves and flowers have rose scent and this is what most people likes about it. Its leaves and flowers are mostly added to bouquets due to their so beautiful scent...... , I propagated geranium graveolens from cuttings but i have never done it with seeds..I searched on online a lot but i didn't find any information about its propagation with seeds! I'm shocked by this situation.. isn't it a popular plant in US or other parts of world ?( It's a very popular plant in Poland and Turkey but i didn't find anything in Polish and in Turkish either ! is mostly this plant propagated by cuttings ? ) 🙂 I want to propagate geranium graveolens from the seeds. But i don't know how...because i don't know what/where are the seeds of this plant. ? Are the seeds those yellow or pink little things ? i need your knowledge please ...
I am very thankful if you can help me and share your opinions ❤️🌹

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