Living room down light vs. gimbal

last month

Im installation lighting in my living room and trying to decide if we should spend more for gimbal style lights that we can direct or just get traditional downlights that are cheaper and sit slightly recessed in the ceiling.
We live in a condo and are getting thinner LED lights that don't require a can. Our place is an open floor plan, and we use the living room as a hang out spot to listen to listen to music, read, socialize (precovid).
I was thinking the gimbals might be useful if we want to adjust them after based on changing seating arrangements or new furniture. But maybe it's unnecessary or will look worse?
Here are the two we are considering:
Lotus LED 4 inch round gimbal:
Or this round regressed:
was told that it makes the ceiling feel higher than the super thin LED disc lights:
What should we do? Thanks!

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