colonial Georgian needing foundation/landscaping design help please!

Teresa White
2 months ago

If anyone feels like getting creative and has some time to play around with ideas I’d absolutely love it!

We moved in to this colonial Georgian style home last year and I know right away the bushes had to go.

They are being removed within a week or so. I’ve done a lot of looking at inspiration/ideas and researching plants but just not sure what exactly I want. And I’m not sure of how to lay it all out and kinda layer the items to the focal points and make everything look clean and modern-ish.

The walkway is throwing me off also. Maybe against the house do some green bushes and low hydrangeas and then on the street side of walkway/sidewalk do some other varieties.

What colors should I stick with? I love purple.

We live in zone 6 and the front of the house is south facing, just slightly a bit sw. so basically full sun except for the shade from the tree to the right. Everything is being removed except said tree.

I will go in to a nursery and talk with the employees but I’m a planner, creator, and very visual.

Throw some ideas or CADs at me and I’ll love it!

P.S. what app does everyone use for digital designs?
P.S.S. Also open to colors colors for the door. Red isn’t my thing.

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