Please help me arrange this room!

chelsea carvin
last month

I would like to arrange this room a little differently, but I'm stuck. We just moved in, so paint, rug, drapes and all of that will be coming soon. The furniture is old and can stay if it works for whatever arrangement I decide on, but I am definitely willing to get something else that is better for the space. I just don't know what! I really like the idea in the attached picture of the couch and two chairs facing into the mantle, but I can't quite tell if it could work for me. I feel like the loveseat would have to be too far away from the wall in order to be centered with fireplace and chairs and the chairs may be a little too close to the outside doors? Would it be strange to walk into the room and have so much space behind the loveseat?
Another option would be to get a single chair and ottoman for the corner, the big brown thing off to the side is an old record player that I would like to incorporate, so it could go on the same wall as the chair and the couch on the wall where it is now. Any other options that are a little more interesting though?
Feel free to throw any other ideas, even paint colors my way! Thank you!!

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